The Island

Okay, so bear with me because I don’t remember all the details, but… here we go…


Randor came back to Sirano’s keep a changed man. He had transformed into a humble monastic-type in sack-cloth, and Zankus was like genuinely upset by this.

Sirano sent the part to an island via the crownstone gate in the keep basement. Once there, the party found a river and followed it deep into the jungle, where they came across a village of people. The people worshipped a giant totem in the middle of the village adorned with pictures of weird lookin’ fish guys. They offered the party a great feast.

The party immediately assumed that the villagers were trying to kill them and tried to meta-game their way out of the feast, but the DM told them to just play along and they did, which was kinda awesome as it resulted in them barfing their guts out during a fight with some Chulls. Yevgeniy went blind and missed a bunch of shots. Braid patronized him to make him feel better. It was tragically sweet.
The coolest part, though, was that when the party took damage, Randor transformed into a wereflamingo, which is totally sweet. Zankus was still mad, but he didn’t mind that, if I remember correctly.

Anyhow, the party beat the Chulls and found out that the beings the villagers worshipped—the Kopru—were the ones protecting the Chain, and that they had lost contact with them recently. The party went to search for them on a giant temple on the island.

When they got to the temple, they were attacked by some brainwashed villagers and more Chulls. To everyone’s suprise, the party didn’t straight-up kill the helpless villagers, which was cool.

The party then went to the temple, where they fought a kuo-toa priest who was trying to unlock the Chain as well as more Chulls. That was a sweet fight. The party was getting mind-controlled into these pools of water and they saw the kopru being enslaved by this gigantic Aboleth thing. They freed the kopru and beat the kuo-toa. There was a lot of swimming.

The party made it to the chain room where they fought the Aboleth, who was super-huge and had lots of HP. Eventually, they party overcame it, and it was also sweet.

Anyhow, they locked the chain down so that they don’t have to worry about that one and returned to the keep. Zankus keeps hanging out on the island.

Over the next week, things gradually settled down. Sirano and the group continue to look for other Chains and ways to get to them, but for the moment, there’s a brief respite…


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