The Unbinding of Zankus

Sirano reveals to the party that he may have found a way to help Zankus unbind from the oni. He recruited a wandering scholar (whose name I forget) to help locate a hidden ‘binding forge’ in the eastern mountains.

The party left with the scholar and found an active volcano where the he believed the forge to be. Upon descending into the forge, they were met with all manner of monsters, including fire salamanders, giants, flaming skulls, and an overabundance of exploding cultists.

Shockingly, the party used stealth off and on to sneak past giants and shove guys into giant pillars of fire and such. As they explored, they found a prison with a couple Davenporters and a water elemental, whose name I also forget because apparently I didn’t write any of that down. Whoops.

Anyway, after battling through the volcano, the party finally found the forge. A gigantic statue stood in a lake of fire behind it, and mechanisms would cause the statue to lean forward and cover the forge with molten lava that poured from its eyes and mouth. It was pretty badass.

The scholar who had brought them to the volcano revealed himself to be a servent of the oni, and the oni appeared as well, dragging the captured water elemental with him. He explained that if he bound to the elemental, he would once again have access to Davenport via the Dusklake, allowing him to try to attack the city once more.

Sufferring from heat exhaustion and other wounds as the huge statue loomed closer, the party battled the scholar and the Oni. Though they managed to bring down the scholar, the Oni was unable to unleash his full power as he needed to stay on the forge with the elemental. Even so, members of the party collapsed from the overwhelming heat of the volcano’s core, and the statue was inches from the forge…

At the last second, Zankus smashed the amulet that kept the oni from being able to come through his body. The resulting backlash of magic forced the Oni into Zankus’s body, and Zankus swapped places with the Oni, ending up on the forge with the elemental. Lava poured down onto him and the elemental, and when the statue leaned away once more, Zankus was the only person left on the altar of the forge.

He had bound with the water elemental, and in the process, severed his bond with the Oni. The Oni, wounded and outnumbered, screamed in rage and teleported away.

The water elemental thanked Zankus from within, and promised to help the heroes of Davenport in their quest. Zankus stood tall, a hero and the savior of the day.

The rest of the party was kind of annoyed as the oni and the scholar guy kinda whooped their asses. Yevgeniy was especially mad as he had failed a shitload of saves and spent most of the fight passed out from heatstroke.


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