After the Tournament....

It’s been a few months since the stupid, stupid tournament.

Yevgeniy has gone back to his usual gnoll hunting, oftentimes accompanied by Zankus when the latter isn’t out on the lake. They killed a bunch of gnolls, and that one ranger chick is like… all about Yevgeniy, though he hasn’t really caught onto that yet.

At one point, Zankus and Adrik went across the lake to trade. Adrik set up some merchant connections there, so now Davenport will be able to get resources and be able to grow faster, which is good, because more people are coming to Davenport every day, hearing about the group of heroes that protect it.

Sirano has given Braid and Adrik a few projects of late. Nothing fancy, just new municipal structutes. Keeps ’em busy.

Braid had a good date with the dwarven warlock, but she, as expected, has vanished again and hasn’t been seen since. He’s been hanging out with Hily more, as she’s basically his silver medal.

Speaking of people who fall into the category of ’haven’t been seen since’, no one has seen Randor. His acolytes spend most of their day languishing in misery at his temple, but no one knows where Randor is. A scared traveller came into the village one day, spreading rumors about a horrifying, insane wildman who burst from the bushes along the road and suplexed him before dashing back out across the plains screaming “Ohhhh yeeeeaaaaah!”, but other than that…. nothing.

Most people say that Randor is on a vision quest, and when he returns, he will be greater than he ever was.

His ogre keeps shitting on stuff.

The town is also filled with fish and various animal meats due to Zankus constantly summoning fish and various animals. Last week, though, Zankus was on his boat, waving his trident over the Dusklake, when he heard a voice telling him to knock it off. Zankus looked over the edge of the boat to see the eyes of a beautiful woman staring up at him from under the water. He rubbed his own eyes to make sure that he wasn’t dream or crazy, but when he looked back, the eyes were gone.

Since then, Zankus has been feeling a weird sensation at the back of his neck. Part of him wonders if he should be worried about the Oni returning, but he knows it’s something else.

Today, the party recieves a summon from Sirano. He’s been studying the binding between Zankus and the Oni, and thinks he might have a soluton…


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