After the Forge

It’s been another few months since Zankus was bound to the water elemental. He’s used her knowledge of the Dusklake to help with his shipping routes, and she’s shared many secrets about what sort of fish he can summon for the Davenport Aquarium or whatever Zankus is calling it now.

Adrik has also benefited from the water elemental’s connection to Zankus, as he no longer has to worry about any of the brigands on the lake getting near his trading ships. His connection with the cities on the west side of the lake have grown even stronger. His house now has solid gold doorknobs. He shines them often.

Braid, being the humble sort that he is, has continued his pursuit of improving Davenport. His follower-apprentices have begun work on a temple to their god, though Braid finds it a bit ostentatious and prefers to work on other things. In his free time, he’s tended to the shrine of Randor, who still remains missing. Randor’s acolytes have started bickering amongst eachother. Without their beacon of a leader, they feel lost and confused. The ogre continues to shit, like, just EVERYWHERE. Braid has begun work on a giant toilet for him.

Yevgeniy and Ryellia have been on a few dates. There are reports of necking. Ooooooo.

Nadarr continues to serve Adrik, often as muscle on trips across the lake. When he has time, he researches the Crownstones with Sirano, and the two are beginning to piece together the location of the remaining pillars that bind the Chained God. They’ve also come to realize that with one of the pillars broken, one of the Lost Gods must be back in the world in force, though they have yet to identify which one.

In fact, Sirano and Nadarr think they’ve pinned down the next pillar. Though they can’t locate it on a map, Argus Volk’s Crownstone seems to lead to a new location. They’re not even sure it’s on the same plane, but when Zankus learns of it, he feels the water elemental inside of him whisper a warning.

“There is an island. The pillar is there. Those who enslave minds guard it…”

The party has no time to wonder about the cryptic meaning, though. As Zankus explains the situation, the doors of Sirano’s keep are thrown open, and a lone figure stands silhouetted by the morning light….

Randor has returned.


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