The Crownstone

The Baron of Davenport is on his deathbed. It’s clear that a successor must be found.

The groups vie for control of the throne:
The Duke’s kind son, Sirano
The Equalists, who work to give the dwarves of Davenport a greater say in the things that happen in the city
House Tarantio, a family of ambitious but financially savy nobles

The party is summond to the Baron’s keep to recieve a mission from the Baron’s seneschal. He tells them that it is customary for the next Baron to posess a special stone called a Crownstone. In the past, the quest to get the stone was undertaken by the people who wanted the power, but in recent generations, interested parties hired adventurers to find the stone for them. The party was petitioned by all three groups, but they sided with Sirano, as they felt that he would provide the best mix of social and economic stability.

The party consist of:
Braid Runeforge, an exiled dwarven cleric who believes in the pursuit of knowledge and works to help people in the town by building and repairing structures. He’s also trying to get some exercise, as he is a fucking huge fatass on the border of having a heart attack.

Zankus (Zenkus?) Longfellow, a half-orc warrior and sailor who is cursed by a demon and joins the party to get a new ship. He loves fightin’.

Yevgeniy, a local ranger and well-loved folk hero. He serves the town guard and cares deeply about the fate of Davenport. He’s well-known due to an instance where outlying farms were attacked by gnolls. He drove the gnolls off by himself, saving a few of the village children in the process.

Randor the Savage, a gladiator from a distant city who came to Davenport to create what is basically a shrine to his own awesomeness. Randor’s first love is himself. His second, third, and fourth loves are also himself.

The party heard of a Crownstone existing in a nearby dungeon. After being nearly killed by a pack of cockatrices, they found/slaughtered a demon to get a strange book writtin in the demonic language. They also totally creamed the monster at the end of the dungeon and found the Crownstone.

While the party was sleeping on the way back, a dwarven warlock with a giant spider for a pet appeared to Braid and warned him about the Crownstone and made him question the party’s decision to align with Sirano. Braid shared his concerns with the rest of the part when they made it back to Davenport, but the party decided that Sirano was still the best option and gave him the stone. He became Baron-elect and rewarded the party for their help.

The people of Davenport are happy about this decision, but as the party continued their daily lives, Braid saw the warlock once more. The warlock said nothing, shook her head, and vanished back into the shadows, leaving Braid concerned and worried about the decision they part made.


Logiver Logiver

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