The Trial of Hily Amer

A few weeks after the party gave Sirano the Crownstone, life was continuing normally. Zankus was across the Dusklake to the west of town delivering goods on his ship. Randor was busy at his temple/shrine training warriors in the art of appreciating the awesomeness of Randor.

Braid and Yevgeniy were summoned by Sirano to look into the disappearance of another of the town’s rangers, a young woman by the name of Ryellia. Ryellia had abandoned her post in order to hunt down the person she believed murdered her parents, a young gnome sorcerer by the name of Hily Amer.

Ryellia’s parents and brother had died in a strange fire in their home. Yevgeniy used a few of his personal squad to investigate the destroyed house, and found that the explosion seemed magical in origin. As the two investigated, they found that Hily had been at the house the night of the explosion, hoping to gain insight from Ryellia’s father into better ways to control the wild magic connected to her sorcery.

Yevgeniy and Braid set out to find the two women. Along the way, they found themselves in a dark forest. That night, they were attacked by two wisps. They quickly killed one of them, and then followed the other one through the woods until a strange monster—an oni—killed the other wisp, grinned at them, and said nothing more than, “Not yet,” before disappearing back into the shadowy woods.

Yevgeniy and Braid thought the monster was totally badass and continued on their journey.

They reached a cave where they fought a small dragon and found Hily and Ryellia. Ryellia, mad with grief, was about to kill the terrified Hily. Yevgeniy and Braid rolled some awesome crits and subdued the two. They took them back to town to stand trial.

Ryellia accused Hily of killing her parents, and Hily admitted to causing the explosion on accident when she was trying to show off to Ryellia’s father by lighting a candle with one of her spells. Yevgeniy and Braid both defended Hily from the accusation of murder, pointing out that she made a bad decsion, but more out of foolishness than hurtful intent.

The jury took a certain amount of compassion on Hily, and instead of imprisoning her or sentencing her to death, they sent her to an asylum on an island in the Dusklake, where she would be better trained to control her magic. She was sentanced to stay there for five years. Ryellia was thrown in the brig for a week for abandoning her post.


That Oni WAS badass.

The Trial of Hily Amer

Did we go to school with a kid named Brandon Oni?

The Trial of Hily Amer

Yeah, he was the quadriplegic kid with really thick glasses. He was really nice.

The Trial of Hily Amer

Not the same Oni.

The Trial of Hily Amer

Or is it?

The Trial of Hily Amer
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