The Sunken City

A few days after the Battle of Davenport, the party met up with Sirano, who was shockingly not dead. Zankus was kinda pissed about this.

Sirano forgave Zankus and gave everyone stuff. I don’t really remember what. After that, he tasked the party with finding a new Crownstone, as there’s apparently a huge door in the dungeon of the keep that leads to a an ancient city under Davenport, and the Crownstone was what was locking it down. Sirano knew of aother crownstone in the Sunken City, and sent the party to find it.

When the party entered the Sunken City, their were shocked to find that it was a massive metropolis of strange stone skyscrapers under Davenport, and that they could even see the Dusklake to the west of Davenport suspended in the air, somehow not pouring down into the Sunken City itself. The party started making their way to an ominous black tower in the middle of the city. Along the way, they were attacked by demons, but fought them off. When a massive Fomorian (underground giant) attacked the party, Randor rolled incredibly well, charmed it, and convinced it to take them to the tower, skipping like 70% of the encounters I had planned.

Once they made it to the tower, they found a Mind Flayer sitting in an ancient throne in front of a large mass of rocks. The Mind Flayer held the crownstone, but seemed to be a prisoner there. After a fairly cryptic and confusing conversation, the party took the Crownstone from the Mind Flayer, which awakened a small dragon from the rocks behind them. The party battled both of the monsters, and Adrik got hit with like a TON of poision damage. Still, the party overcame the monsters, and took the crownstone back to Davenport, locking the dungeon.

For now, things are once again quiet. No news of any more groups of gnolls has surfaced, and the party attends to their various business/personal ventures around town.

A few months have passed. Winter has begun to set in on the town, and as the snow falls, a massive caravan arrives in town, accompanied by a lone dragonborn from the tribe that helped Adrik so many years ago.

The caravan has started to unpack south of town, near Randor’s temple to Randor. Townsfolk and the party alike have started to watch the construction of a massive colosseum, accompanied with a gigantic sign that says only:

“Argus Volk’s Travelling Tournament of Strength! Fabulous Prizes! The Weak Need Not Enter!”


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