The last two months....

Two months have passed since the trial of Hily Amer.

The old Baron continues to hang onto life, though he is now permanently bedridden. Sirano has become much more of a natural leader than people expected, helping the Equalists and House Tarantio come to an agreement over the state of dwarves in the city.

This has resulted in what appears to be the beginning of a boom in growth. Ships from across the great Dusklake are pulling into Davenport, laden with exotic goods. Captain Zankus, of course, is among the traders, and while his ship and crew are small, his profits are starting to grow.

Outside the walls of the town, Randor continues train his followers in his unorthodox fighting style. At this point, three men train with him. His temple isn’t fancy yet, but Braid has spent time building it up when he’s not busy building more vital structures in town and working with Sirano and the town blacksmith, Adrik, to better the lives of the local dwarves.

To do this, Braid and Adrik are working with promising young dwarves to build and establish businesses, with Braid building them while Adrik uses his contacts with various guilds to fund them.

Sergeant Yevgeniy, in the meantime, is continuing to work with his elite ranger squad, with one new addition; Ryellia, done serving her sentence in the brig for going rogue, has joined with Yevgeniy both out of thanks and a certain sort of reverence for the man’s tracking skills… and bow skills… and gnoll killing skills…

People continue to come to Davenport, and every member of the party has their hands full as their reputations grow around the small city. Relative peace has fallen across the Barony.


Tales are coming across the Dusklake with Zankus’ crew… tales about people vanishing in the Western Periphary, tales about monsters coming out of the old temple-ruins beyond the corpsefens.

And from the east, rangers return with rumors of a growing gnoll army, led by a strange, blue giant…



The last two months....
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