The Battle For Davenport

Sirano sent the party to investigate rumors of gnolls massing in the western mountains. Adrik, a dwarven blacksmith, joined the party as they set out to the western foothills. On the way, Yevgeniy found a group of gnolls and totally failed to ambush them. After the party brings down the gnolls, Adrik was horrified by the party’s treatment of the gnolls, but he’s from out of town and doesn’t really get it.

The party found out that there was an army of gnolls, ogres, and giants lead by a blue demon that was set to attack the town. After getting back to town, the party bolstered Davenport’s defenses, which annoyed Adrik, because there was WAY to much pitch being spread WAY to fast in a lot of ditches. The party told him it was DM magic or something.

Yevgeniy and his ladies snuck behind enemy lines and started taking out giants. Zankus hung out with the priests, concerned that his demon might come out at the wrong time. Adrik, Braid, and Rando set to defending the wall.

During the course of the battle, Randor leapt off the wall and elbow-dropped an orge that was climbing up the side of it. Seeing nothing better to do, he cut therope, killed another ogre, and then demanded (in giant) that another ogre join him. Seeing that Randor was a total badass, the ogre joined up. As a result of this, a number of the town guard were bolstered by Randor’s Randorness and tore off their armor, joining up with his cause of worshipping himself. They killed a lot of dudes.

The giants outside of the town started throwing baskets with gnolls in them into town, and the party made for the keep to help Sirano defend them. They fought a hill giant on the way, and demonstrated that the party is kinda OP and I need to work harder at encounter balance.

The party reached Sirano’s throne room and found that he had fought off the gnolls himself. At that moment, Zankus transformed into his demon form—the blue oni that Braid and Yevgeniy had seen earlier! Before anyone could react, demon-Zankus stabbed Sirano (and no one is shocked since Zankus hates that dude for no reason) and took the Crownstone.

With the battle won, the party tended to their wounds and the broken town. Davenport would stand for another day, and the gnolls would think twice before coming back. Probably mostly because Randor is straight-up insane and really scary.


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