Argus Volk’s Travelling Tournament of Strength

That didn’t go well.

The party entered in Volk’s Tournament and were met by Nadarr, a Dragonborn who was part of the clan that helped Adrik in the past. He joined the tournament as well after being welcomed into the group with open arms.

Braid, uninterested in combat, spotted the Dwarvish warlock he had met way back when and proceeded to follow her around the tournament grounds. As the day went on, she explained that there was more to the tournament’s presence than people realized. Apparently, Argus Volk was a servant of the Chained God, a dark being that had been imprisioned by the gods of good a millenia ago. Some of the Crownstones are the keys to the chains that hold him, and when the party killed the mind flayer and took his Crownstone, one of the chains had become unlocked. This act was like a beacon to his followers, and so it’s possible many more will be coming to Davenport, especially since the portal in the dungeon seems to let people access the Beneath Realm, where the locks to the Ten Great Chains lie.

Meanwhile, everyone beat their respective NPC opponents in the tourney.

Then, disaster struck.

In a major upset, newcomer Nadarr wiped the floor with town favorite Randor. The town was horrified, appalled, and enraged. The remainder of the party was also shocked. The DM facepalmed really hard, because I forgot that magic users are still super OP when fighting melee opponents. I mean, Nadarr picked out a pretty baller spell list and knew how to use it with some pretty hefty skill, but still, a bit OP.

Randor, in the meantime, was seen wandering off in the southern wilderness, slowly dwindling to nothing more than a tiny, screaming speck before vanishing.

Back at the tournament, things went on for a really long time, eventually resulting in Nadarr vs. Yevgeniy. The less said about that fight, the better. Yevgeniy won, but since so much time had been spent on that, we had to jump ahead past a few more fights.

Elsewhere, Braid learned that Argus was a servant of the Chained God (did I say that already?) and asked the warlock out on a date. Priorities. (She said yes!)

Since we had to skip ahead, Argus kinda blew his load and attacked the party, but the party still knocked the shit out of him because of course they did.

Anyway, people got look. Yevgeniy and Nadarr have brooms that they can not fight from EVER, some other people got things, Randor got an elephant statue or whatever.

….man, it was not a great session. It was really, really bad. But people had fun, so fuck it and fuck Argus Volk.


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